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We provide the best talent, in the shortest amount of time, at the the lowest cost of any search firm in the US. Our Talent Acquisition Specialists focus on matching a candidates technical expertise with the best cultural fit for your business.Each Industry Practice Leader at Fast Tracking Solutions has years of corporate based work experience in key operational and leadership compacities.We fully understand your business because we have worked within it and use this knowledge to assure the best fit for your organization as well as the right fit for the candidate. 

Please contact us for more information or questions you may have about our recruitment methodologies.. To attain our goal of maximum client satisfaction, we are always open to queries and comments from our prospective clients.We encourage our clients and candidates to provide feedback on their experience throughout the recruitment process. We understand that we are changing the lives of our candidates and providing a needed stimuli into the core of our clients business. We take this very seriously!

One of our committements to our clients and candidates is our day and night availabilty of our Talent Acquisition Specialists. Real time communications when needed is woefully lacking in search firms today.Each Talent Acquisition Specialist is available day, night and on weekends if needed. Our clients and candidates are always amazed that a call at 10pm or a Saturday night call will receive the same sense of urgency from our people as a normal 8am to 6pm weekday call..  
Why pay 20% to 33% recruitment fees to search firms when we provide the best talent for a flat fee of $10,000


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Fast Tracking Solutions recruiters implelment bold, inexpensive and fast recruitment results and practices for Home Building, Commercial Building and Grocery/Supermarket industries within North America. We help our clients find the most suitable person for our clients culture and business to optimize company results. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry's we serve, our company has more relevant experience than any search company competitor.. We work passionately to consult with both our clients and candidates on a ongoing basis to assure their professional satisfaction with our deliverable. Combining hard work, practical business skills, and Christian values, we strive to always keep you ahead of the competition.

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